Sodium metabisulfite

  • publish date : 2020/03/08
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Sodium Metabisulfite

Sodium metabisulfite

The newest method for producing sodium metabisulfite in the world is gas process wet method. This method is used at sodium metabisulfit producing line in this factory. Causing direct impact of gas with the bed layer (under special condition).in the procedure,the highest efficiency from the point of quality and quantity is acquired.

Parsulfite chemical company,as a first and unique producer of this product in continues way in Iran has the most volume of daily production

Parsulfite chemical company presented the sodium metabisulfite in 3 various grades and related specs to the customers

This is clear that this product depending on production grade in different industries,will have various applications.

Some of applications are:

– In food industries as preservative and anti fermentative specially shrimps,juice,vinegar and lemonade,sea foods and dried foods and etc.

– In photography industries for preparing developer solutions and acidifying fining baths

– In tanning industries as solublizing agent of tannin extract

– In electro planting industries for detoxification agent of chrome six valance ions,detoxification agent of cyanide for separation of color

– In paper industries for whitening and bleaching

– In tea tile industries as wool whitening and cleaning agent and other natural fibers,for making barrel paints

– As an omitting agent for color after whitening nylons and activation agent inacrylonitrile polymerization

– In pharmaceutical industries for producing acetaminophens and little amounts for some drugs

– In water purification industries forscavenger color before entering to reverse osmoses systems