Sodium Silicate

  • publish date : 2020/03/08
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sodium silicate

Parsulfite chemical company has one of the most perfect industrial production lines for sodium silicate products including,liquid tyres and watery powders.

Sodium silicate or glass water is a mixture of sodium oxide a silicat that can be produced in different ways and different purities. Each of them has a unique chemical specification that has industrial applications and special usages. One of important usage of sodium silicate is making detergents.

Effective application of silicate in industries is:ability of making dirt particles floating and prevention of sediments on cleaned surface again,reduction of surface gravity of liquid,alkalic and buffer feature,corrosion prevention,the ability of substitution for phosphates.

Using this product at detergent powders production procedures by visqusity control on a suitable level help to provide the powder with suitable. Liquid silicates are fevered in ceramic industries for lubricative role on slurry solid and it helps melting and prevents biscuits from cracking.

Sodium silicate have great useful features that cannot be seen on other mineral salts. These various and applicable features can be solving solution economically and effectively on industrial process. By the way it’s clear that only two points of hundreds applications of silicates,are declared. In fact,you are using silicate chemistry daily again and again like when writing a leher or washing the dishes….

The other outstanding and industrial applications of silicates on industry:

– Paste and paper.

– Water purification.

– producing of silicate based adhesives.

– Tex tile.

– petrochemistry.

– Building and stricture products.

– casting.

Preparing and presetting of liquid sodium silicate with any specification fit with the dear users demanding is possible.


You can see specifications here