Sodium sulfite

  • publish date : 2020/03/08
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Sodium sulfite is preparing liquid form,then for condensation and separation of crystals from the suspension,two machines “forced circulation crystallizer” are using continuously.

By this way,most of mineral suspensions can be extracted with same changes,the extracted crystals,at last enters the special dryer and after process they are conveyed to the packing system.

This product,like Sodium Metabisulfite is presented to the market in three different grades(Industrial/Photo/Food).

Some of sulfites application in industry:

– As a oxygen scavenger in steam boilers and cooling towers

– In food industry as a preservative

– In photo industry for preventing of oxidation of emersion drugs

– In color-alcohol industries for neutralizing coloring

– In military industries to produce T.N.T

– In rubber industries for stability of latex

– In chemical industries for production of Sodium Tiusolfate and solfoscosinate.

– And . . . . .


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