About Us

Parsulfite chemical company to supply part of chemical goods for the country,was established in 1988 and opened in Kaveh industrial city.

Parsulfite with a capacity more than 8000 tons yearly of sulfite products included sodium sulfite,sodium metabisulfite and catalyzed sodium sulfite according top quality levels and matching with international standards was welcomed by many domestic customers.

Parsulfite chemical company to spread and variation of the products tried to get law authority to produce variants of silicates in 1988.

By the efforts of expert workers,the factory was run and it was succeeded to produce variants of silicates over 1100000 tons annually.

Committing efforts based on professions of parsulfite family caused this company could open production of sodium cosilicate with capacity of 60000 tons per year,along of silicate products and sulfite production with the highest quality.

Now,however this company is named as a biggest producer of sulfite products and silicate products in the country,but parsulfite family is performing a continues efforts to achieve their goals which are being able to new products with highest quality level.

We have a target to have a self sufficient dear Iran from depending to foreign industries that we are loyal to slogan,our work,our honor. 

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